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Camille Medina

Hey, I’m Camille!

I’ve always drawn, made 'things' and had a passion for products.

One day, I decided to merge my passion and creative skills and BOOM! - my design and illustration studio was born!

Over the years I've developed a unique style that combines quirkiness with Japanese influences like kawaii and anime.

A true cat lady at heart, a lot of my designs include felines but not only: you'll also find your fair share of puns, sushi, cosmic and zodiac imagery, inanimate objects with faces, and more.

In addition to running my shop, I also sell my products through partnering gift shops across the UK and collab with some cool clients who need help creating their own products and merch.

And when I'm not working, you’ll usually find me training my cat, Sushi, watching anime, reading or practising my Japanese on Duolingo (you don’t want to break that streak!).

I'm so grateful for the continued support that I have been receiving from my customers, clients and retail partners: as an independent designer and business owner it means A LOT!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my work!

Let’s keep in touch!