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Cat Christmas ornaments

Back in the autumn of 2020, I had the idea of creating some plywood Christmas ornaments. This year (2022) Tangerine Jukebox helped me turn my idea into a reality!

Ideas can take time to grow, and it’s okay

The idea was born after I got my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and discovered a new world of possibilities. But back then wasn’t quite ready yet: Christmas was just around the corner and I had other things to attend to so I decided to let the idea ripen a bit.

Fast forward a year: close to Christmas 2021 I realised that it was once again too late to get started on the Christmas ornaments idea but I made some progress:

1) I decided that they would be a new product in 2022, and

2) since I lacked the experience and know-how, I decided that I wanted to collaborate with another business based in the UK to get them made.

When you make a plan, things start to happen

Then, whether it’s because I put my intention out there into the universe or because I made a plan (or both), the stars aligned.

In the spring of 2022, Vero from Tangerine Jukebox, whom I’d been speaking to on Instagram for a while, reached out to me one day to let me know that she had started offering new laser cutting services. The timing was perfect.

We started talking about what I had in mind: I shared a rough mock-up with her, she told me about the different materials and what could be done with them, and finally, we covered the all-important topic of cost.

Cat Christmas ornaments

The mock-ups I created and sent Vero back in the spring of 2022 to help her visualise what I had in mind

Ordering samples: a great way to get a better idea of what the final product might look like and to get peace of mind

Personally, I’m always a bit nervous when I order something that I’ve never ordered before so I ordered a small pack of materials samples to make sure that I was happy with my choice and Vero even went the extra mile and got my design laser cut on them for me to see what the ornaments could look like.

Ordering samples was an extra step in the process but it gave me so much peace of mind and the assurance that my choice, plywood, was a good one for these specific ornaments.

Cat Christmas ornaments

The samples that I ordered: Vero went the extra mile and laser cut my design into the different materials.

What I loved most about my collaboration with Tangerine Jukebox

The process was super smooth and I LOVED the way Vero was so knowledgeable about her process and materials. She answered all my questions patiently (and I had a lot of them!), she was super enthusiastic, and she even shared some of her own ideas to show me what was possible.

Cat Christmas ornaments cutting process

Cutting process video courtesy of Tangerine Jukebox

Thank you so much Vero and Tangerine Jukebox for helping me make one of my product ideas a reality!

Where to find Tangerine Jukebox:


Social media: @tangerinejukebox

Cat Christmas ornaments
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