My Favourite Inktober Tools

My Favourite Inktober Tools

When it comes to creating art, everyone has got their favourite tools. Here are my favourite ones to use during the Inktober season.

Please note that this post is not sponsored and that these are by no means recommendations as to what you should use. You should also keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you.

Now that it’s said, let’s jump in!

My Favourite Inktober Tools


  • black India ink

  • thin brush (this year I’m using a Royal & Langnickel mini Majestic spotter in size 3/0)

Colour & Shading

  • Quink Parker black ink (this is not technically drawing ink but I like the way it reacts on paper)

  • medium pointy brush (I use a Royal Majestic in size 6)

  • a black colouring pencil (my favourite at the moment is a Derwent Inktense in shade: Ink Black)

Details & Text

  • black artist pens (at the moment I'm using Faber-Castell pens in size F and S)

I hope you found this glimpse into my Inktober toolbox useful.


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