INDUSTRY TALK - Kate of The Moon And The Furrow

INDUSTRY TALK - Kate of The Moon And The Furrow

This month we’re talking to Kate, owner of The Moon And The Furrow!

I first met Kate when we both became members of WebinArt, Creative Leicestershire’s professional development programme (2020/21). Kate and I ended up in the same peer mentoring group and it’s been fantastic following her journey and growth. So when I asked Kate if she would be our guest for October and she said yes, I was over the moon (pun intended)!

Q - So Kate, tell us: who are you and what do you do?

A - The Moon and the Furrow is a small sustainable business which creates organic textiles, art prints and more which celebrate the natural world, folklore, food, history and literature. I also produce work that celebrates the seasons and enables people to work with the lunar cycles.

INDUSTRY TALK - Kate of The Moon And The Furrow

Q - How did you get into making your own products?

A - I am a freelance set and costume designer and when I lost all my work due to the pandemic I decided to create some illustrations and set up a business which had been at the back of my mind for some time. A few years ago I spent a whole day painting a portrait of my hens to put outside the house to advertise our eggs and I loved doing it so much I fantasised about one day just creating work that I loved and not work for clients!

Q - What’s a challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what was the outcome?

A - The main challenge I have now is juggling my theatre design work which is now back with a vengeance and this new business that I love and want to grow. I am part of a co-mentoring group who meet twice a week and I try and leave at least one morning free every week which coincides with this group to dedicate to The Moon and the Furrow. I feel supported and encouraged and if I block out the time in my diary I am more likely to keep it free, in theory!

Q - If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

A - Your point of view on the world is valuable, interesting and valid, be confident and strong whilst remaining open to new experiences and opinions. Be open to change, being a freelancer means you have to be!

Q - Now let’s bust some myths. What’s one thing that people tend to believe about your industry that is simply not true?

A - You don’t have to be constantly on social media. Have limits and set boundaries to keep yourself sane and focused on making work.

Where to find Kate and The Moon And The Furrow:

Website / Shop:

Instagram: @themoonandthefurrow

And why not check out The Moon And The Furrow’s Witches Kitchen in time for Halloween!

All photo credits: ©The Moon And The Furrow

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