INDUSTRY TALK - Gemma of Cosmic Bloom Studios

INDUSTRY TALK - Gemma of Cosmic Bloom Studios

This month we’re talking to Gemma, owner of Cosmic Bloom Studios!

I’ve known Gemma for quite some time now and I’ve been fascinated by her process ever since our first live interview on Instagram last year, which you can watch on replay here in case you missed it (skip to 16:18 for Gemma’s interview).

I feel honoured to have had the chance to interview Gemma once again for the blog this time and to share with you a glimpse into the business of this talented and inspiring woman.

Q - Who are you and what do you do?

A - Hi, I’m Gemma and I run Cosmic Bloom Studios. I make vegan, eco-friendly candles and wax melts with a foundation built on mindfulness. I’m all about reusing and recycling where possible and encourage others too.

All of my candles have been made in glass containers with the idea of reusing. The amber glass jars with wooden lids make for perfect storage and the clear glass Mini’s are fabulous little planters! 

My products have been designed with you in mind, light a candle or a wax melt and let the fragrance be released into your atmosphere to bring you a sense of peace.

INDUSTRY TALK - Gemma of Cosmic Bloom Studios

Q - How did you get into wax melt and candle making?

A - 2019 was a year that tested all of us and I found myself struggling with my mental health. I tried so many different craft projects to try and calm my mind and eventually stumbled onto candle making whilst prepping for Christmas presents. Fast forward a few months and I wanted to share the peace and calm I found with burning candles and wax melts, I founded Cosmic Bloom Studios and never looked back!

Q - What’s a challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what was the outcome?

A - About a week before launching Cosmic Bloom Studios, impostor syndrome hit me. I went through a phase of second guessing all my products and designs and lost my mojo, but some wonderful chats with family and friends later I was back to feeling like myself again. I accepted that yes, there are a lot of candle companies out there but we’re all different and that’s something that should be celebrated.

INDUSTRY TALK - Gemma of Cosmic Bloom Studios

Q - If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

A - Relax more and spend time doing all the fun things you want, there’s a reason everyone says that life is short! I now know that life can throw you all the curve balls and test you constantly so make sure to take some time for you now and then. Your future self will thank you for it!

Q - Now let’s bust some myths. What’s one thing that people tend to believe about your industry that is simply not true?

A - Making candles is easy! Oh wow, I could have fooled myself into believing this before I started making candles and wax melts. The testing process is a long and arduous task, but it pays off in the end! So keep going, because like people, every candle is different.

Where to find Gemma and Cosmic Bloom Studios:

Website / Shop:

Instagram: @cosmicbloomstudios

Photo credits: ©Cosmic Bloom Studios

INDUSTRY TALK - Gemma of Cosmic Bloom Studios
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