INDUSTRY TALK - Bev of Bevart Designs

INDUSTRY TALK - Bev of Bevart Designs

This month we’re talking to Bev, owner of Bevart designs and Atelier Arts!

I’ve known Bev for about a year now and one thing I love about her is her bubbly personality. Bev’s authenticity is, if you ask me, one of her biggest strengths and whether she is doing a live on Instagram or talking to you on a Zoom call, you’ll end up with a big smile on your face!

Q - Who are you and what do you do?

A - I am Bev, fine artist, art tutor, and jewellery maker-designer. I own two businesses: Atelier Arts and Bevart designs.

Q - How did you get into art and jewellery design?

A - I have always loved art and being creative, completed my art degree in 2008, and founded Atelier Arts in 2012. 

Q - What’s a challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what was the outcome?

A - Managing the artists at the studios is always a challenge, as different personalities under one roof can sometime clash. I find the best way to deal with that is to confront any problems head on and make decisions accordingly.

Q - If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?

A - Be more confident!

Q - Now let’s bust some myths. What’s one thing that people tend to believe about your industry that is simply not true?

A - People always think they can’t draw, or be creative, truth is: you can be taught.

Where to find Bev and Bevart designs / Atelier Arts:

Atelier Arts (fine art)

Bevart designs (jewellery)

Photo credits: © Beverley Chapelhow

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