PRODUCT STORIES - Dinosaur Birthday Cards

PRODUCT STORIES - Dinosaur Birthday Cards

As I’m about to launch a new small collection of dinosaur birthday cards in my shop, I thought that it would be fun to say a few words about the story behind the products.

It’s May 2021 as I write and the truth is: I’ve been thinking of creating a collection of dinosaur cards for quite some time. In fact this birthday collection has been in the making for nearly a year!

PRODUCT STORIES - Dinosaur Birthday Cards

As you can see from this photo, I did my original brainstorming in June 2020!

So why did it take so long to create, you ask?

Well these dinosaur cards are a typical example of what happens when I’m really excited by an idea, then get other plans, milestones and deadlines I need to take care of, then procrastinate, don’t schedule in the work in my diary, and procrastinate some more.

Yes, I was originally very excited about drawing dinosaurs my way. I’d drawn dinosaurs before, which had been fun, but since it was for a client who wanted their dinosaurs to look fairly realistic I didn’t know what a dinosaur drawn in my style looked like. And the longer I waited the more scared I got of ‘not getting it right’ (silly, I know, but the brain is not all logical). If I’m honest with myself (and now with you) I think that’s the real reason why I procrastinated for so long. I was just scared. And a bit lazy too maybe.

When I finally realised what the real block was, I picked up my sketchbook and a black felt tip pen (my recipe for just drawing and not obsessing over mistakes and imperfections), and I started drawing. It also helped that it was between Christmas and New Year’s and that I was taking a short break from work as I felt more relaxed and more inclined to play.

PRODUCT STORIES - Dinosaur Birthday Cards

Around that time I was planning for the year ahead and what I wanted to accomplish, and I gave myself a deadline… which I should have done from the start because in less than a week the work was done! (Lesson learned!)

I won’t lie, I had to force myself a little at first. But once I actually got into the process of designing, I started having fun and remembered the excitement I’d felt at the idea originally.

My new collection of dinosaur birthday cards includes 6 designs and will launch in my shop for Dinosaur Day on the 1st of June 2021.

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PRODUCT STORIES - Dinosaur Birthday Cards
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